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2020 Subaru Outback improves while retaining traditional looks -

2015 Subaru Outback

The 2015 Subaru Outback is a ready hauler, and the place previous models lagged with droning highway manners, a utilitarian indoors and cramped indoors area, this edition improves on — if no longer solves — these shortcomings.

The Subaru Outback holds a different position available in the market. It’s body category is arguably a high-driving station wagon, but it surely handles off-street riding more suitable than some SUVs. It’s probably the most extra expensive automobiles Subaru makes, but some of its appeal lies in its feature-over-kind, non-luxury styling. It additionally has a loyal buying base, so any changes need to stroll a first-rate line, lest Subaru upsets the trustworthy.

The highlights of the 2015 redesign include up-to-date exterior styling, interior refinements, a new drivetrain and more advantageous gas economic climate. evaluate specs of the 2014 and 2015 models right here[1].

The Outback competes with crossovers such as the Ford part, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Hyundai Santa Fe recreation. See vital specs in comparison aspect by facet here[2].

The Outback is available in 2.5i normal, 2.5i premium and 2.5i restrained trims with a one hundred seventy five-horsepower, 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, and in 3.6R confined trim with a 256-hp, 3.6-liter six-cylinder. All types now use a perpetually variable computerized transmission.

For 2015, flat four-cylinder fashions get an estimated 25/33/28 mpg city/motorway/combined, compared with the old 4-cylinder CVT’s 24/30/26 mpg estimate. Six-cylinder models are actually rated 20/27/22 mpg, up from 17/25/20 mpg when the motor vehicle turned into geared up with a five-pace automatic.

Subaru sells greater 2.5i premium types of the Outback than some other. I demonstrated that edition, in addition to a three.6R confined, over a mix of rural highways, gravel roads and off-highway terrain.

The Outback’s exterior alterations are refined but repay in a huge means. First — and to my eye, surest — Subaru toned down the old Outback’s chunky, rugged body cladding.

the place the previous generation always looked like a mish-mash to me — as if the motor vehicle had been fabricated from LEGOs with cladding clicked on after the truth — this version appears greater graceful and built-in. The alternate is most evident on Outbacks painted in lighter colors. the brand new seem is a fine seem to be.

The 2015 Outback additionally receives the better, trapezoidal grille that other new Subarus put on, along with restyled headlights. the base of the windshield has been moved ahead 2 inches, and the side mirrors had been moved right down to the door from the windshield pillar.

usual, the motor vehicle appears smoother, leaner and never as thrown-collectively because the outdated edition. With its roof rails, tall journey height and wagon body fashion, it nonetheless appears like a Subaru, however one the place the automaker took some extra time to tie all of the styling facets collectively.

The flat-four cylinder presents modest vigour, but the CVT offers a sooner response than one of the eight- and nine-pace transmissions that are taking drugs all over the market. The responsiveness is nice, however it won’t blow anyone away. It’s enough for passing at dual carriageway speeds provided that you have time to make the circulate.

however, you'll hear a lot of noise from the engine, along with a said whine from the transmission, certainly when pushed. while cruising, besides the fact that children, the engine and transmission are unobtrusive; there’s no regular drone or whine that’s now and again commonplace with four-cylinder/CVT mixtures.

The six-cylinder engine is the famous person of the reveal, but it’s not all about the use of that added horsepower to go quicker. authentic, the six-cylinder Outback conveniently passes on the toll road and accelerates faraway from cease indications with greater aim than the four, but the greatest improvement is heard as opposed to felt: because the engine doesn’t should strain to stream the burden of the Outback, it’s fairly quieter. That helps the in any other case rugged Outback improved compete with European luxurious wagons in terms of indoors noise and standard refinement. The transmission whine that pops up in 4-cylinder models is also plenty greater muted within the six-cylinder mannequin.

There’s nothing wrong with the four-cylinder — it’s adequate — but when i wanted a more at ease vehicle, I’d choose the six-cylinder.

All Outbacks advantage from a faster steerage ratio for 2015. This pays off no longer only at larger speeds or in the event you need to make quickly steering adjustments, but additionally when relocating through parking an awful lot. It just takes much less circulation of the wheel to show the vehicle.

Subaru said it made this generation of the Outback stiffer, and the motor vehicle feels predictable, tending toward understeer when pushed challenging into turns. The net influence of each the steerage and chassis adjustments is a automobile that inspires self assurance — if now not necessarily sporty using — each on twisty roads and off-road.

despite the stiffness, the Outback offers a reasonably relaxed trip. It tends toward the stiffer aspect of the size, but it deals with no trouble with pavement growth joints, and the rolling/pitching/undulating sections of my off-street driving didn’t create the bucking or fore-and-aft rolling that some automobiles can. The most beneficial compliment I may give is that after a pretty good day of using in combined circumstances, i used to be less tired and beat up than in most other vehicles I’ve pushed — even when those different drives had been restricted to pavement.

The previous Outback’s cabin had a very utilitarian believe, but Subaru dressed it up for this era; it’s greater than aggressive for the non-luxurious class. There’s new leather; two new, better multimedia displays (6.2 inches on 2.5i fashions and 7 inches on uplevel types); and the center storage bin has been redesigned to grasp pills as huge as an iPad.

The door armrests and middle armrest have thicker cushioning and offer a nice, tender think that makes longer drives simpler in your elbows. The guidance wheel also has a superb, solid think to it, and the dashboard is padded to the contact.

The regular material seats feel supportive and have a nice texture, so I wouldn’t discover it essential to get the leather-based seats for both look’s or consolation’s sake.

the new appear and materials nonetheless err on the facet of feature over form, but all-in-all, the changes have made the Outback’s cabin greater comfy and prettier.

Subaru also bumped up the Outback’s interior to create more shoulder room, greater front and rear hip room, and greater rear legroom, resulting in just a little extra passenger room universal and just a little more cargo area.

I’m about 6 feet 2 inches tall, and i can say there’s an outstanding volume of legroom within the returned. (I sat lower back there both with the seat the place I had it after I drove and additionally run all of the way again to the limit.) My knees were slightly improved, but nowhere close as an awful lot as in lots of other motors on the market, so I think even I’d be at ease on an extended commute.

The outdated-generation Outback stood out to me for its remarkable visibility. If anything else, the 2015 improves in this enviornment, most above all by using positioning the mirrors down on the door as a substitute of up on the A-pillar. In location of a reflect mount there’s now a pitcher area, and while it’s not huge, it’s still great to have, mainly when using off-highway. Subaru has long been worried as a sponsor and participant in a number of outdoor activities, from rallying to move-nation snowboarding and biking. The Outback continues to present quite a lot of amenities to make these events less difficult, in addition to a few enormous new touches.

An ongoing characteristic is Subaru’s roof rails which have integrated, swing-into-location crossbars. should you need the crossbars, swing them into location. when you don’t, swing them again into the rails, slicing down on mileage-sapping drag and wind noise.

What’s new is that for 2015, Subaru redesigned the doorsill area to give a bigger footpad to face on when you alter — or attach things to — these roof rails. a pleasant contact, no matter if your ft are dainty or large.

additionally, Subaru presents PIN entry on the rear of Outback confined trims in order that runners, swimmers and others can lock their keys within the car and use the PIN to open the doorways. now not having to carry keys is a nice feature, however it would be nicer if it have been usual throughout more trim levels.

For 2015, all Outbacks have a standard backup digital camera. monitors fluctuate based on trim stage, with a 6.2-inch reveal on the base model and a 7-inch display with tablet-like touch, swipe and pinch controls on uplevel trims.

The infotainment reveal responded promptly to my contact and didn’t appear to undergo noticeable lag. The pill-like controls weren’t as brief as a tablet, so I’m not sure how much I’d use them in day by day driving.

furthermore, there are contact-delicate capacitive buttons on both side of the display that control a number of menu gadgets. These also reply promptly, but as a result of there’s no sensation that you just’ve pressed a button, you should seem at the buttons or the screen to decide no matter if anything happens. As we are saying each time we run into these “buttons,” traditional mechanical push buttons can be stronger.

speakme of buttons, the steerage wheel is loaded with them, however I felt it become pretty easy to differentiate between them with my fingers while riding. That incorporates through to the rest of the (mechanical) knobs and buttons: They often consider strong, now not like they have been picked from the bin of cheapest parts. You’re also now not compelled to do too many adjustments during the touch-reveal if you don’t need to. I find the Outback certainly, and Subarus in standard, to be among the many least complex cars available on the market, ergonomically speaking. The 2015 mannequin continues that style.

The Outback’s cargo area has grown a bit, to 35.5 cubic ft of area in the back of the rear seats, up from 34.3 cubic toes. Fold the ordinary 60/forty-break up backseat right down to create seventy three.3 cubic feet, up from 71.three. There are also new liberate levers, so one tug folds the spring-tensioned seat flat. It’s well-achieved and, if I had my approach, would be obligatory on all vehicles.

There’s additionally an influence liftgate that’s commonplace on the highest, restricted, trim and attainable on the premium trim. It can be set to open to a particular peak, in case you’re on the shorter facet or want the liftgate to open low sufficient that it doesn’t clunk into your storage ceiling or whatever thing you’re carrying on the roof.

As of publication, the 2015 Subaru Outback had now not been crash-validated by using either the insurance Institute for motorway safety or the country wide dual carriageway traffic defense Administration.

security facets consist of a backup camera, facet curtain airbags that deploy when a rollover is approaching, and cabin and exterior lights that automatically turn on when the driving force tactics the automobile.

Newly attainable points consist of a blind spot warning system, rear go-site visitors alert and Subaru’s EyeSight equipment. EyeSight uses cameras to provide adaptive cruise manage (cruise manage that makes use of radar to fllow the speed of the automobile ahead of you), automatic pre-collision braking and lane departure warning. For 2015, those EyeSight digital camera housings are somewhat smaller than earlier than, however they’re nevertheless quite conspicuous on either aspect of the rearview reflect.

For a listing of safety points, click on right here[3].

The Subaru Outback is a wagon, however because of its off-highway utility, excessive floor clearance and standard all-wheel drive equipment, it traces up more desirable towards SUVs and crossovers. among SUVs, the Outback differentiates itself with the aid of offering AWD general, the place it could actually run as an additional-charge option on many other SUVs. for example, the Ford edge, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Hyundai Santa Fe recreation all come average with two-wheel force. The Outback is greater than $1,000 more affordable than the least-high priced all-wheel-power version of its rivals. (See a assessment among base AWD trims here[4].)

Mileage is a neighborhood the place the Outback also excels, as both its four-cylinder (EPA-rated at 28 mpg mixed) and its six-cylinder (22 mpg) beat the surest fuel-powered types of its AWD opponents: The 2014 Ford edge and 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe game both fee 21 mpg combined, while the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee receives 19 mpg.

Tellingly, substituting entrance-wheel power doesn’t put all of the Subaru’s rivals forward of the all-wheel-pressure-best Outback four-cylinder. With front-wheel force, two of the side’s three attainable engines are rated 21 and 22 mpg mixed, but the third receives 24 mpg. The Santa Fe sport gets 22 or 23 mpg, and the Grand Cherokee gets 17 or 20 mpg with gasoline (a diesel edition is rated 25 mpg mixed with rear-wheel pressure and 24 mpg with 4-wheel power).

(be aware that a redesigned 2015 Ford part will hit showrooms early in 2015 and is expected to have higher mileage than the present, 2014 model.)

Ease of carrying cargo is the Subaru Outback’s remaining — and i’d argue greatest — strength. regardless of the automobile’s 8.7-inch ground clearance, the cargo enviornment is handy to load issues into because the load flooring isn’t too excessive off the ground. And the bigger doorsill step is always welcome when inserting some thing on the roof.

So, yes — with a cost that’s aggressive with other crossovers, the Outback offers more desirable mileage and greater utility. however, as at all times, there's a catch.

The Subaru Outback has made strides when it comes to comfort and pleasant of cabin materials, but it’s still not as sophisticated as it can be. It lacks that last little bit of indoors nice and standard refinement that units the most desirable aside from the very decent. With this redecorate, it’s now greater capable of comprehensive with European wagon opponents from Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo and BMW, but I don’t see it being in a position to pull in lots of of these buyers based on its indoors.

Subaru owners may no longer care about this, although, preferring instead to focus on utility. In that manner, the Outback doesn’t disappoint. but if Subaru wants to proceed to develop, a spotlight on the ultimate little particulars will assist it tremendously.

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    2018 Subaru Crosstrek

    Redesigned for 2018, Subaru Crosstrek is the 2nd generation of the diminutive crossover 5-passenger hatch. With its extraordinary all-wheel-drive equipment, a raised suspension, and Subaru's rally experience, the Crosstrek is a pretty good motor vehicle for gravel roads, primitive two-tracks and nasty weather.

    according to the Subaru Impreza, the 2018 Crosstrek improves on the primary-technology mannequin, whereas maintaining the basic formulation of a rugged compact 5-door wagon.

    definitely, the 2018 Crosstrek boasts a new platform, somewhat longer wheelbase, and raised suspension. Refinement has greater, and creature comforts are more appealing. maximum cargo means has grown a little bit, helped via a a bit wider hatch opening. extra sound-deadening cloth has been introduced, helping to ease the Crosstrek towards the mainstream small-crossover/wagon class.

    At a glance, the reworked Crosstrek doesn't seem to be much distinct, youngsters. And our first impression is of an old school vehicle, with a standard key, normal handbrake lever, and a normal clutch pedal to go together with a standard manual gearbox. The suspension feels soft, with a lot of commute. It leans in corners, the nose dives below braking, the rear squats under acceleration. We love it and would opt for it for depraved situations or unpaved roads.

    Three trim levels[1] are offered: base 2.0i, premium, and one of the best restrained. notwithstanding the Crosstrek shares its simple constitution and many body panels with the Impreza, it rides greater, with a ground clearance of eight.7 inches.

    Subaru's direct-injected 2.0-liter, horizontally hostile 4-cylinder engine has won 4 horsepower, now rated at 152. The flat-4 layout of the engine results in a lower middle of gravity and a lessen hoodline than is feasible with a conventional, upright inline-four.

    Most Crosstreks use a always variable transmission (CVT), now accessible in base trim. Crosstrek 2.0 and Crosstrek top class models present a 6-speed guide gearbox (up to now 5-velocity).

    New active Torque Vectoring helps control understeer when cornering.

    CVT-outfitted fashions encompass driver-selectable X-Mode for superior manage on slippery surfaces.

    a brand new multimedia equipment has received Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities.

    apart from a high-quality foundation, the Crosstrek may well be geared up[2] with Subaru's EyeSight suite of superior safeguard elements. non-compulsory for top class and confined trim levels with the CVT, the EyeSight group uses a ahead-dealing with digital camera and includes ahead collision warning with automated emergency braking, active lane handle, adaptive cruise manage, and particular person tire-force monitoring. confined models consist of blind-spot monitoring with rear move-traffic alert. Newly-available steerage-responsive headlights can illuminate curves ahead.

    Crash-checking out of the 2018 Crosstrek by using IIHS resulted in first rate ratings for driver's small overlap, average overlap, and aspect-have an effect on checking out.Full assessment[3]

    Redesigned for 2018, Subaru Crosstrek is the second era of the diminutive crossover five-passenger hatch. With its amazing all-wheel-force gadget, a raised suspension, and Subaru's rally adventure, the Crosstrek is a pretty good motor vehicle for gravel roads, primitive two-tracks and nasty weather.

    in keeping with the Subaru Impreza, the 2018 Crosstrek improves on the primary-generation model, whereas retaining the simple components of a rugged compact five-door wagon.

    definitely, the 2018 Crosstrek boasts a new platform, somewhat longer wheelbase, and raised suspension. Refinement has superior, and creature comforts are more attractive. highest cargo ability has grown somewhat, helped by way of a somewhat wider hatch opening. more sound-deadening cloth has been introduced, assisting to ease the Crosstrek towards the mainstream small-crossover/wagon class.

    At a glance, the reworked Crosstrek would not look much distinctive, besides the fact that children. And our first impression is of an old school automobile, with a traditional key, normal handbrake lever, and a traditional seize pedal to go along with a standard manual gearbox. The suspension feels gentle, with a lot of go back and forth. It leans in corners, the nose dives beneath braking, the rear squats below acceleration. We find it irresistible and would select it for depraved circumstances or unpaved roads.

    Three trim degrees[4] are offered: base 2.0i, premium, and the most effective restricted. though the Crosstrek shares its basic constitution and a lot of body panels with the Impreza, it rides larger, with a ground clearance of eight.7 inches.

    Subaru's direct-injected 2.0-liter, horizontally adversarial four-cylinder engine has won 4 horsepower, now rated at 152. The flat-4 design of the engine effects in a decrease center of gravity and a lessen hoodline than is feasible with a standard, upright inline-4.

    Most Crosstreks use a continually variable transmission (CVT), now purchasable in base trim. Crosstrek 2.0 and Crosstrek top class models offer a 6-speed guide gearbox (in the past 5-pace).

    New energetic Torque Vectoring helps manage understeer when cornering.

    CVT-outfitted models consist of driver-selectable X-Mode for better handle on slippery surfaces.

    a brand new multimedia system has won Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities.

    in addition to a high-quality basis, the Crosstrek could be outfitted[5] with Subaru's EyeSight suite of superior safeguard facets. not obligatory for top rate and limited trim tiers with the CVT, the EyeSight community uses a ahead-dealing with digicam and contains forward collision warning with automated emergency braking, lively lane control, adaptive cruise control, and particular person tire-drive monitoring. constrained models encompass blind-spot monitoring with rear pass-traffic alert. Newly-accessible guidance-responsive headlights can illuminate curves ahead.

    Crash-checking out of the 2018 Crosstrek by using IIHS resulted in respectable scores for driver's small overlap, average overlap, and side-have an impact on trying out.hide Full evaluation[6]

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    2020 Subaru Legacy First pressure: From the Shadows Into the easy?

    Vernon, BC — The Subaru Legacy turns 30 this yr. do you know that? probably not, and that’s as a result of this motor vehicle has at all times enjoyed a public profile on a par with the Florida Panthers’ fourth-line right winger.

    Which is a disgrace for a car that has at all times been more suitable upon over the years, for a sedan that, for 3 a long time, has toiled within the shadows of a host of competitors and even its personal stablemate, the Subaru Outback.

    considering the fact that the starting of this year, the Legacy has all over again been lagging at the back of others in its phase. Toyota sells ten times more Camrys than the Legacy, Honda eight times extra Accords, Ford six instances more Fusions. You get the photo.

    it could be understandable if Subaru’s sedan wasn’t definitely competitive. nonetheless it is, and now the automaker is giving the subsequent technology of the model a full revision for 2020.

    The time is now, in different words, for the Legacy to step out of the shadows and into the easy. remains to be considered what buyers say about it.

    anonymous styleSubaru is vexingly conservative when it involves styling. the new Legacy isn’t ugly, nevertheless it seems like a car designed by means of stylists afraid to take any risks.

    within the cities we rode via on this day in British Columbia, no person observed our experience. The design of the new Legacy is only too nameless to predict otherwise. And in case you’re sitting at the bottom of your class, it appears to me daring measures are referred to as for. It can be a controversial new grille, a profile that makes heads flip, loopy hues... however there’s none of that. It’s as if the design department at Subaru became affected by artistic constipation.

    And what about its close sibling, the Outback? as it happens we’ll be on the launch adventure for the 2020 version in a couple of weeks, however the large differentiator between it and the Legacy is that the model is pretty much pleasing in its configuration, which has enormously helped it prevail regardless of its relatively nondescript appears. The identical components aren’t in play to assist the Legacy.

    Aboard: the right dosageFortunately, the internal is a much greater promising affair. each and every technology of the model has seen Subaru greatly enrich the indoors, and while the presentation is fairly natural, it’s all in first rate style. Congrats are to ensure that the mixing of the multimedia screen into the relevant console. The dominant aspect on the console, the pill-type screen is break up into two sections, each presenting distinctive tips. Nav is up properly, radio info down low. within the base model, the display is 7 inches as a substitute of 11.6 inches, however the screen remains divided. In each situations, there are actual buttons for necessities like audio quantity, temperature surroundings, and so on.

    The seats are very comfortable so long highway trips should be fulfilling enough on the physique. On larger trims the front seats are additionally extendable. In returned it’s a feast in terms of house. Even the trunk offers more space than ever. The centimetres received back there permit for placing a huge suitcase, which is splendid information apart from if it belongs to the partner's mother involves discuss with for a protracted dwell…

    No however significantly folks, the greater time you spend in the Legacy, the extra you enjoy its interior ambiance.

    The usual stuff, through trimThe base-model Legacy comes with a generous assisting of equipment compared to a lot of its rivals. This contains heated front seats, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, LED headlights, automatic climate manage, cease-birth expertise, the EyeSight suite of safeguard services and of course the brand’s symmetrical all-wheel-drive gadget, still a reference within the industry.

    just for this ultimate asset, the Legacy should definitely be promoting 10 times more than it does, not less than.

    mountain climbing up the trim ranges gets you greater goodies each step of the way. After that convenience base model comes the journeying version, which provides push-button start, power sunroof, auto-dimming rearview mirrors, and dual-zone local weather handle. The restrained trim comes with bigger 18-inch alloy wheels and leather for the seating and the guidance wheel. on the true of the meals chain is the Premier, with which you get features like ventilated entrance seats, Nappa leather-based and a driver-alertness monitoring function.

    Plus, you get, during this most uppity edition, a compact-disc participant! That’s right, that thingy now not provided on most new vehicles. So you probably have a huge CD assortment and are royally frustrated since you can’t take any of them on the road with you, put the 2020 Legacy Premier at the proper of your browsing record!

    The mechanics and the dynamicsAll Legacy types come ordinary with the standard 2.5L four-cylinder Boxer engine. Output is 182 hp and torque is 176 lb-ft – generally adequate a) for the mannequin and b) for the common Legacy proprietor.

    in case you’re now not usual, the constrained and Premier types can be had with a 2.5L 4-cylinder faster making 260 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. This should still be ample to make people forget concerning the 6-cylinder that became an choice unless this era.

    each and every of the engines is mated to a normally variable transmission (CVT).

    This CVT, when mixed with the naturally aspirated base engine, is fairly whiny and whingy, but most effective in the event you put pedal to the ground. Which, let’s face it, the commonplace Legacy driver is not apt to do continuously. people who do will doubtless be greater than satisfied to splurge the added $2,800 to get the turbocharged unit. With that engine, the CVT has no time to beginning complaining and the simulation of the gears is useful. delivery of vigor is also, during this case, linear and immediate, with gusts up to wonderful.

    certainly, drivers can have extra enjoyable at the wheel of types geared up with the rapid; however life is barely satisfactory day-in-day-out with the bottom engine as smartly. It’s a question of priorities.

    As for the drive overall, the keywords are comfort and quietude. Subaru’s new world platform offers enhanced rigidity, to the aspect the place you could push the boundaries of the tires, and maybe of your own, lengthy earlier than the chassis gets pushed to its own restrict.

    And, like with the indoors, the more you force the Legacy the more you are likely to find it irresistible, I consider. It’s a neatly-balanced vehicle providing a smartly-balanced using journey.

    ConclusionThe Legacy has so many effective traits that its mediocre revenue efficiency quantities to an incomprehensible mystery. It may no longer be greater than a Camry, but it surely’s each bit its equal. by rights it will own a much bigger share of its phase’s income.

    Subaru’s mission is for this reason to give its Legacy a a good deal higher profile. those who already like the brand instinctively vogue in opposition t the Outback (six times more on account that the starting of this 12 months, definitely). The business has to figure out a way to push the Legacy to the entrance of the stage as a substitute of off within the background, well-nigh behind the curtain.

    The advertising campaign devised by means of Subaru for the mannequin refers to the Legacy because the SUV of sedans. Which says lots of the position it needs the motor vehicle to occupy on the market.

    versions and pricing

    mannequin     MSRPConvenience    $26,395Touring $    30,295Limited     $34,295Premier    $36,295Limited GT    $37,095Premier GT    $39,095

    We like

    neatly-balanced driveSmart, great interior presentationSolid faster engineAll-wheel drive – the largest asset of the car

    We like much less

    Styling is plenty too anonymousNoisy CVT unit is noisy with the bottom engineSome of the power-support systems are only too intrusive

    The competitors

    Toyota Camry[1]Honda AccordNissan AltimaHyundai SonataKia Optima[2]Mazda6Ford Fusion

    References :
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