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Watchdog demands Investigation of AG Barr for ‘Failure to Recuse’ from Ukraine Affair -

Jeffrey Epstein

Financier and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein become arrested at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport on July 6, 2019, by using the FBI-NYPD Crimes in opposition t toddlers project force and changed into charged with sexual abuse and sex trafficking costs. Epstein, sixty six, has lengthy clashed with the legislations, since the early 2000s to the 2010s, for accusations and costs of sexual abuse in opposition t minors, from molestation to infant pornography. Epstein hanged himself on Aug. 10, 2019, in Metropolitan Correctional center in new york, whereas expecting trial for intercourse trafficking. the executive scientific Examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson ruled his loss of life a suicide on August sixteen. Prosecutors are carrying on with to investigate his alleged co-conspirators.

Aug 10, 2019

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Kucinich to Withdraw Co-Sponsorship of Holt Election Reform invoice

READER feedback ON"Kucinich to Withdraw Co-Sponsorship of Holt Election Reform bill"(12 Responses to date...)

remark #1 [Permalink]... Michelle Gabriel said on 6/11/2007 @ 6:37 pm PT...[1]

i'm uncertain on what principally Kucinich is objecting in the Holt bill it is causing him to withdraw this support. I additionally don't see any clear data on when his bill goes to go through the entire committees etc it has to and if it has any probability of constructing it for the 2008 elections. Does any individual have any information on that?

comment #2 [Permalink]... Paul Lehto referred to on 6/11/2007 @ 7:sixteen pm PT...[2]

neatly examine Kucinich's HR 6200 (Hand counted paper ballots) and you've got a big head delivery on what his issues are with HR 811. The Kucinich press liberate additionally states "the important thing to engaging voters” Kucinich cited emphatically “is finished credibility of the electoral technique. I plan to proceed my oversight hearings on election integrity.”"

but past that, he frequently needs activist considerations dealt with. Uh, that might imply bradblog's concerns, Bev Harris's considerations, Paul Lehto's concerns, Nancy Tobi's issues, Teresa Hommel's issues, Voterunites' councerns, MaryAnn Gould's concerns, Mark Crispin Miller's issues, and your issues Michelle, if you have them. You recognize, like a government that cares, in its place of like Holt's workplace.

comment #three [Permalink]... Grizzly bear Dancer noted on 6/11/2007 @ 7:forty one pm PT...[3]

So some of you arrr making it tougher for a trans-countrywide corporate computing device's candidate to win now. WAssup with dat? Being stupid can pay is spades appropriate Republican and Republidems?

i think americans in fact all consider the equal. We together agree with in a man in the sky who will watch over "US" as in the u.s.. Did you ever wonder why us and US are the equal letters? or not it's since the united states is special. or not it's because this man within the sky may also be black for black individuals, white for white, and he can seem mexican-chinese language for mexican chinese language of all, he is happy as shit if American continue to use 30% of the entire world's energy and produce 25% of all detrimental international warming gasoline from people burning fossil gasoline since you are all americans.

don't be concerned about anything else as a result of even with how humans rape and spoil this planet, in a concerted effort to wreck all the "different" species in the technique, this man within the sky is gonna let all you and all Congressmen into a nicccccce place if you're first rate or a sizzling scorching hotttt place if you're dangerous if you draw your final breath.

So no issues.

assist Cheney-Bush leadership and the anti-science lies they espout and don't worry if "us" escalates nukes. don't be anxious if the world has some pent up resentment for the Bush administration the use of the #1 military for attacking a rustic in accordance with lies to steal their oil after which continue to their illegal occupation wearing the face of dying.

don't agonize about people destroying the ultimate wild lands on this planet, or the earth's fragile air and water system since you dull greedy fcks who live here in vigour recognize in the massive image that you just're all gonna be dead soon and you consider you might be going to that niccce location or you just don't care because you could be dead. Admit it.

do not fret about a verifiable election for the most powerful place in US govt because based on this us president, the person within the sky is speaking to him. Nevermind that his celebration cheated to win the office he holds. don't hang these greedy sellouts in Congress in charge for his or her moves just carry on with your personal life because you are sooooooo essential.

don't worry about what's occurring around you outside the woes of younger Ms. Hilton since the president is taking tips from his depended on chums. he is eliminating these evil criminals who need to bombed the White condominium and kill the heads of the oil organizations who control the area. don't be to hard on them. They most effective did it because they've an internal should make their man within the sky happy and since simply failed to like the power these prosperous power brokers used destructively to kill their people as us leaders lined their pockets. Oh yeh, and dey did not liek thar freedom.

retain allowing corporations to run the USA military industrial complex with out restraint and you won't need a cartoon hero or man in the sky to let you know where we're gonna be in just a few brief years. If some stupid dictator does not blow up the planet to retaliate against the Bush administration. Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Condolizza Rice, Alberto Gonzales Larry Silverstein, Rudolf Giuliani, and any any one else i forgot to name all understand whatever thing about wargames on 9/eleven. 9/eleven turned into the positive masterful tool for undertaking FOR a brand new the united states and perpetually remains the ultimate excuse for altering the USA Democratic equipment right into a muscular Fascist computing device.

examine World exchange Tower building #7 like it be an international category criminal investigation notwithstanding there has certainly not been one and needless to say Giuliani orchestrated the transport of the forensic facts remote places. Then movement onto the Congressional testament of why NORAD stood down. wander away in the distinct lies, coverups, and excuses for the four different coordinated workout routines so the East Coast could be left vunerable for Cheney's assault. Demand a non-public viewing of the over 100 Pentagon videos that captured the Pentagon assault. not to say that these videos exist anymore or that you will ever get the names of "us terrorists" who confiscated mysteriously misplaced movies however you can all the time ask. here's a government of the people appropriate? You handle the govt the executive doesn't handle you appropriate? You do not want the permission of the man within the sky to change the style things are done appropriate? Then ask George Bush why he let Bin Ladens family unit fly out of the country the day after 9/11 with the Saudi Royal family unit. it's a family unit's a family unit affair. while your at it, ask Georgee in regards to the World alternate Tower safety facts from his brother Marvin who previously become on the board of administrators at that very equal business coincidently. Why bomb sniffing canine had been removed from the twin Towers weeks before? Take a glance at weekend closures (information) to show when bomb specialists got inide to rig the 3 World exchange Towers with explosives.

respectable Work Dennis.despite the fact particular thanks for a job smartly completed for our US VP Dick Cheney. He has a different Congression role. Your mendacity and committment to an anti-environmentalist agenda, now not to mention your murderous wargame activities have earned you suitable honors under my private watch. even if it takes background an eternity to catch up, i know what you been as much as.

comment #4 [Permalink]... Dredd[5] referred to on 6/12/2007 @ 6:forty three am PT...[4]

Stalin used a hundred% paper ballots, yet all the time received by means of essentially the most grandiose of margins.

He explained his constant victories through asserting "It isn't who votes that counts, however who counts the votes".

Paper ballots have been pleasant with Stalin.

and they are pleasant with me ... as long as the counting isn't completed through Stalinists.

So on to the factor at hand, how can we inject honesty into this system?

Our movement is fitting a religion-primarily based stream[6], if we suppose that the absence of honesty might be overcome with legislations.

comment #5 [Permalink]... oldturk pointed out on 6/12/2007 @ 7:08 am PT...[7]

Snowballs materialize when ample snowflakes social gathering for a common cause. Let's hope anti-Holt invoice sentiments are expressed/snowballs on Capitol Hill. we can do greater than HR-811 to restore integrity to the American election system.

KKKarl Rove has his foot in the door to tamper with and manipulate the election manner. That door which ends up in gaming our elections should be slammed shut so Rove's foot certainly not crosses that threshold once more.

No loopholes for that anti-democracy fascist who hates the usa to his core. Rove and the Rove desire-to-be soldiers are not to be relied on. They are searching for to contaminate the election method - we cannot stand by means of and allow them to do this.

remark #6 [Permalink]... CharlieL[9] noted on 6/12/2007 @ 9:33 am PT...[8]

Paper ballots are a start.

Counted with the aid of HAND, not by means of computerized tabulator able to making adjustments within the effect and/or having distinctive rules for "rejection" in line with the colour of your skin or the measurement of our checking account.

effects posted TRANSPARENTLY on the native degree so that big calculators can't change the results down at election HQ to swimsuit the Rethuglican thieves, liars, and scum.

Election-day registration with proof of eligibility in order that no one receives disenfranchised for being bad, ethnic, or desirous to vote apart from Rethuglican.

Two-(24-hour)-day election days that are FEDERAL vacations so that people with jobs that do not give free break day can vote.

honest recounts, not like that Rethuglican crap in Florida or Ohio.

elementary stuff, actually, if you desired a good and reasonable electoral method.

remark #7 [Permalink]... Bev Harris[11] mentioned on 6/12/2007 @ 10:13 am PT...[10]

For those of you who need the "elevator speech" (quick sufficient to clarify to a person on the elevator) as to why the Holt invoice, often known as HR 811, also referred to as the V-CIA invoice (Voter confidence & multiplied Accessibility) --- here it's. The DRE provisions are dangerous, however now not the worst thing concerning the bill. beneath are the "dealbreakers":

The elevator speech -

THERE ARE THREE issues WITH THE HOLT bill AND ITS SENATE companion invoice, THE FEINSTEIN invoice:

1) For the primary time ever, FEDERALIZES requirements for secret vote counting on secret software

2) Expands and locks in the power to manage elections through 4 White house appointees, who might be in cost of the key vote counting software (see above)

3) on account of 1) and 2) above, the invoice isn't just "bad" (that means, it can be fastened), it's dangerous, in that it adjustments the manner our democracy works and subsequently, dismantles democracy itself.

* * * * *

On factor 1) the situation is the unprecendented federal sanction for proprietary change secret application, enforced via nondisclosure agreements which raise with them the complete punitive penalties below the legislation, for the lifetime of the "exchange secret", and by the way, alternate secrets have no expiration date.

On element 2) above, Holt's workplace has supplied disinformation and has indicated even to others in congress that the EAC (4 White house appointees) provisions that were objected to in the first edition had been corrected; they have not. The latest edition of the invoice explicitly empowers the EAC, which it refers to as "The fee" 32 instances and quintuples the quantity of funding given The fee, indefinitely.

And on point 3) above, these adjustments create an unheard of shift in energy, and quite simply dismantle democracy.

remark #8 [Permalink]... TomR stated on 6/12/2007 @ 10:30 am PT...[12]

"When asked about reintroducing HR 6200, his invoice calling for hand counted paper ballots within the presidential race for final session, Kucinich stated it would be 'very soon,'" in response to the campaign's press unencumber, which became also posted through Democracy for new Hampshire election integrity advocate Nancy Tobi at OpEdNews today.

ok, I get why the Holt invoice is unhealthy and that i'm excited by 100% paper ballots. What I do not get presently is the need for hand counting. In my state, we do use the optical scanners to procedure paper ballots. Now, I take into account that it be viable to rig the optical scanners, but i might like to consider there may still be a method to address this come what may.

Hand counting every pollsounds very slow/laborious to me and will introduce more human error into the method. can not we use technology in some comfortable and transparent solution to pace up the counting of paper ballots? Feed a stack of ballots via diverse optical machines to verify constant results?

- Tom

remark #9 [Permalink]... CharlieL[14] spoke of on 6/12/2007 @ 10:47 am PT...[13]

Optical scanning machines are not just COUNTING the ballots --- they even have (exchange secret protected in Holt) utility in them.

software that may effortlessly say... "For every 9th pollthat scanns as a Democrat, change it to the Rethuglican."

they could even have different suggestions for once they "kick back" a ballot, corresponding to they did in 2000, 2004 and 2006 where rich and/or white (Rethuglican-tending) voters who make a mistake get their ballots kicked back with "there may be an issue with this ballot, repair it" and bad or black or hispanic or different ethnic (Democratic-tending) voters who make a mistake get their ballots permitted with none commment (or opportunity to appropriate) after which "spoiled" due to the error, and by no means counted.

this is one of the crucial techniques the Rethuglican monsters, liars, thieves and scum stole 3,000,000 votes in 2000, 5,000,000 votes in 2004, 6,000,000 votes in 2006 and plan to steal 10,000,000 votes in 2008.

You comprehend, no depend how tons of the country believes in your values and platform, getting previous a ten,000,000 deficit in a one hundred twenty,000,000 race is not convenient.

Paper ballots COUNTED with the aid of HAND. or not it's in fact not as difficult as it looks.

remark #10 [Permalink]... big dan talked about on 6/12/2007 @ eleven:39 am PT...[15]

...and entire participation via the public in counting! i will be able to take off a day of work to do so!

How come the Dems don't suggest a vacation for election day? That all the time receives dropped. It extra crucial than a day off for Christmas, it truly is for certain!

the place IS THE law FOR NOV. 2 BEING A national holiday??????????????????????

so they can WATCH THE COUNTING extra cautiously?

comment #11 [Permalink]... Grizzly bear Dancer pointed out on 6/12/2007 @ eight:01 pm PT...[16]

remark #12 [Permalink]... Paul L. Johnson pointed out on 6/13/2007 @ 4:22 am PT...[17]

The 3 complications with the Holt bill, as pointed out in Bev Harris, are a succinct manner of explaining a global problem present in election processes everywhere.IF a paper counting procedure may also be grew to become right into a participatory open technique on the native degree which, in flip, passes on the transparent local counting to larger stages with all to peer the effects: then this method can be an answer.Transparency and open participatory counting system on the local stage and open certifiable facts passed on for all to peer the effects of a secret ballot: these are the critical foundations for making feel of any 'we the individuals' controlling the operation of our personal executive.The complete world has viewed the fraudulent election video games of 2000 & 2004 and democracy, US election-vogue stands ridiculed.Paper ballot counting with transparent, participative involvement of citizens, is the key.

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    Ulrika escapes the force

    by way of NICOLE LAMPERT, day by day Mail

    Ulrika Jonsson will jet out of britain the next day as pressure grows on her to speak out about the John Leslie affair.

    she will be able to spend a number of days longer than had been anticipated in her native Sweden getting ready for her marriage ceremony to Lance Gerrard-Wright on

    August 16.

    The blonde tv presenter is resolved to stay silent regardless of Leslie's demand for her to say whether he's the unnamed man accused of rape in her autobiography.

    The only thing she has stated considering Leslie become cleared of indecent assault costs towards another girl last week became: "I even have by no means made any feedback about it and that i do not intend to."

    pals say 35-yr-historic omit Jonsson is privately "devastated" that the case towards Leslie collapsed on Friday.

    however she is decided that it is going to not overshadow her approaching marriage ceremony to Mr Gerrard-Wright on the small Swedish island of Varmdo the place she has a £1million estate.

    Leslie, former presenter of This Morning, has challenged miss Jonsson to declare whether he turned into the man she mentioned raped her in her autobiography sincere.

    The allegation brought about his expert downfall after he became named on tv via Channel five's Matthew Wright.

    The allegation led to a deluge of younger women coming ahead announcing that they had been sexually assaulted by the 38-year-historic Scot.

    Leslie mentioned the day past that he was definite the person described by means of omit Jonsson in her book was now not him.

    "I understand nothing in Ulrika's story that relates in any approach to my reminiscence of the relationship we had," he mentioned.

    And he went on to detail the couple's most intimate moments.

    "She had an perspective to intercourse that I had now not encountered before in a woman," he spoke of.

    "She definitely liked it with me and positively had a fit urge for food for it.

    "We had sex on the first date and it become notable. It was very a great deal her main me.

    "I have all the time believed that it's the lady who decides no matter if you are going to have sex anyway however Ulrika in reality initiated it the first time."

    His fogeys Leslie and Lex Stott have additionally waded in, asserting: "Why did Ulrika let our son move through hell?"

    Sources close to omit Jonsson, who will wed on her 36th birthday, the previous day printed that she feared prison motion via Leslie, who has already claimed he wishes revenge.

    "Ulrika has been under a major amount of pressure," stated one.

    "She is veering between being in floods of tears because she is concerned that Leslie is going to sue her and anger that once once more he's making an attempt to take handle of her.

    "She is decided that it is going to no longer wreck her marriage ceremony however in the intervening time it is really devastating her.

    She always planned to move to Sweden a while before the wedding however what has happened makes her happy to be fleeing.

    "Ulrika just wants to neglect what has been occurring in England and he or she desires to put the total Leslie component at the back of her and enjoy her marriage ceremony to the person she loves."

    omit Jonsson met former military officer Mr Gerrard-Wright, 35, when she turned into internet hosting the tv courting demonstrate Mr right.

    He failed to choose a girlfriend from the 15 contestants however fell in love with the presenter.

    the following day will also be a essential day for Leslie.

    he is due to meet his attorneys who will put his alternatives earlier than him.

    they're going to consist of the alternate options of suing miss Jonsson, suing Wright, and suing the many newspapers who stated that he changed into the alleged rapist.

    "John will decide precisely what he desires to do," noted a supply near him.

    "His lawyer is probably going to propose towards suing, because it could abate his future profession, however John could come to a decision that revenge is probably the most important aspect for him."

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