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WrestleMania 36: Otis got a kiss from Mandy Rose and WWE fans were so happy -

Former WWE creator Andrea Listenberger reveals one ‘disappointment’ with Mandy Rose and Otis storyline, but delighted with normal outcomes

The Mandy Rose and Otis storyline is among the most well-liked things moving into WWE presently.

After months of fawning over Rose, Otis at last obtained his girl at WrestleMania 36[1].

Mandy Rose helped Otis beat Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania 36


Mandy Rose helped Otis beat Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania 36

And most of the success from the storyline comes right down to Andrea Listenberger[2], a creator who was a part of the mass exodus of wrestlers and backstage workforce released with the aid of WWE in April[3].

The pay-off got here when Otis kissed Rose in the center of the ring after she helped him beat Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania 36.

The coronavirus pandemic compelled WWE to move WrestleMania 36 from the sixty five,000-seater Raymond James Stadium to its efficiency Centre[4] in the back of closed doorways.

And Listenberger, who joined WWE in December, admitted having the kiss without a reside crowd changed into disappointing.

She informed[5]: “The one component I’ll say is we were all eager for that WrestleMania moment in entrance of the live crowd. but what are you able to do?

A live crowd would have popped when Otis kissed Mandy Rose


A reside crowd would have popped when Otis kissed Mandy Rose

“I’m blissful we had been still capable of serve it up, however i would be being a little disingenuous if I didn’t say there was undoubtedly a little disappointment on that one factor.

“besides that, I’m in reality happy with what we had been all able to placed on television.”

Listenberger worked intently with Rose and Otis as they had fanatics heavily invested from the beginning.

Otis become set to take Rose on a Valentine’s Day date, youngsters, it didn't go to plan.

Otis received a text from Rose announcing she was operating late, which allowed Ziggler to swoop in.

And his reaction to seeing Ziggler on a date with Rose changed into heartbreaking.

but on the SmackDown episode before WrestleMania 36, it changed into published that Rose’s former ally Sonya Deville had sent the textual content to Otis.

With the truth out there, Rose and Otis officially grew to become an item at the show of shows.

Explaining the brains behind the storyline, Listenberger brought: “Mandy had originally pitched a Mandy/Otis romance attitude.

“So when I came in there became talk of ‘let’s do anything in that house’ and that i feel like i was very fortunate and that i type of fell into the conversations of what that space might appear to be.

“i was able to get a lead along with just a few other writers who additionally labored on it and get some momentum on my ideas.

“I basically worked with Mandy, Otis, Sonya, Tucker and Dolph. It goes without asserting that they're amazingly gifted, the utmost knowledgeable.

“but what turned into definitely cool is that they had been all on board and excited via the story that we have been telling with the twists and turns that the storyline turned into taking to get there along the manner and excited about what it could serve up for their characters in the long run.

Sonya Deville got the better of Mandy Rose on SmackDown two weeks ago


Sonya Deville received the greater of Mandy Rose on SmackDown two weeks in the past

“That enthusiasm shone through within the execution. that you can write the world’s most useful phrases and put them on a page, however with out ability that converts and sells it, even if it’s a behind the curtain promo or an in-ring phase, you’ve bought nothing.

“It turned into a extremely, really wonderful journey to collaborate with them, primarily coming in as the new person on the crew.”

The storyline with Rose and Otis has continued with the adored-up couple set to take on Deville and Ziggler in a tag team suit on SmackDown this week.

past this month, Otis stunned the wrestling world when he received the men’s money in the bank ladder fit[6], which offers him an international championship shot on every occasion he chooses.

aspect, CM Punk, Seth Rollins and Daniel Bryan are only one of the vital large names which have been propelled to stardom after profitable funds within the financial institution ladder suits.

Otis won the Money in the Bank contract without even climbing a ladder!


Otis won the money within the financial institution contract without even mountain climbing a ladder!

Otis doesn't have the common WWE look that Vince McMahon craves, but could he nevertheless be a global champion in the company?

Listenberger said: “I believe he can. What surprised individuals isn't that Otis won cash within the financial institution, however that the WWE allowed Otis to win funds within the financial institution.

“It’s an indication that the storytelling is at all times evolving. I’m absolutely no longer going to be a part of that next chapter.

“however considering the fact that represented on display and due to the fact come to fruition, i used to be excited concerning the thought of the place that storyline could continue and how it may evolve and simply the probabilities. So, anything else can happen.”

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    Otis On His battle With Dyslexia, His Kiss With Mandy Rose

    WWE celeb, Otis, admitted that turning out to be up changed into now not easy for him. Being the youngest of two siblings, he found himself in a gloomy region returned in 2012, when he lost his sister to a drug overdose. even though they may be all half-siblings, Otis[1] stated how special they're to him and his experience.

    "So, i am the baby and the largest of all three of us," Otis jokingly pointed out on Chasing Glory. "My sister handed away in 2012, and my brother is just about going to be forty now. they are both my half [siblings]. they're from distinct mothers and distinct dads. they're still blood, certainly."

    while attending secondary college, Otis had a rough time fitting in amongst his peers. Otis opened up about his dyslexia analysis, and how that and his physique image have been the leading components that contributed towards him being bullied in center/excessive school.

    "completely, oh yeah," Otis answered when asked if he become bullied growing to be up. " I be aware in excessive school, for example, they would make the bothered youngsters go along with the disabled youngsters -they'd put them collectively. The handiest time that i might be in an honest classification turned into like history. My teachers were comprehensible with my analyzing dyslexia. I be aware as a kid, if you be aware like reading [in front of the class], the instructor goes, 'okay there Otis, or not it's your time to study.' i'm like stuttering, and the kids would snort. I've at all times been made fun of for the manner I regarded and because of my analyzing [difficulties]."

    After speakme concerning the rough patches he's confronted becoming up, Otis turned into all smiles once more when he talked about the first time he watched seasoned wrestling. on account of his ardour for pro wrestling, his mom shocked him and took him to a wrestling school. but, this wasn't the exact wrestling school that he had expected it to be.

    "i would say it become once I watched WCW Thunder...all and sundry remembers the first suit they watched, but I be aware seeing it [as a whole] and going oh my God, I wish to do that," Otis exclaimed. "i was four. I bear in mind considering, 'Woah, what is this?' I became to my dad and that i spoke of, 'Dad, you should battle.' He turned into like, 'i might kick all of their a--es.

    "I be aware my mother informed me that she became going to get me into wrestling. each Monday and Wednesday they'd matches, and at the conclusion of it all, you received a medal. i used to be like adequate. I remember I received in there and i requested my mom, 'mom, where's the ring?' She goes, 'Ring? here is true wrestling son. What the hell are you talking about the place's the ring?' I got into novice wrestling on account of professional wrestling."

    It has been quite a challenge for the pro wrestling business, exceptionally with the COVID-19 pandemic, and never having a reside audience to exhibit their activities against. When WWE[2] announced that they have been going to continue on with WrestleMania 36 and make it a two-night event,[3] some fans were wondering if this was going to are living up to their past WrestleMania's. As Mandy Rose and Otis' fairy tale storyline got here to a full and a success circle on evening Two[4], Otis wished that he may've heard the crowds reaction all the way through their iconic kiss.

    "Working with Mandy, Sonya [Deville] and Dolph [Ziggler], this just needs a crowd," Otis referred to. "You watch any speak reveal, and each reaction is barely getting paid for. We went through it, nevertheless it did not feel like a WrestleMania. When i used to be working with Dolph, I heard him say that this become his first single WrestleMania[5] healthy. So, that was relatively cool [hearing that]. He turned into like, 'We're going to go out there, and we'll kill it.

    "there were so many splendid things that came about on these two nights of WrestleMania. however i'm considering, just like the payoff of me and Mandy ultimately touching lips, there would had been loopy noises happening."

    which you can view Otis' full interview above. in case you use any of the charges in this article, please credit Chasing Glory- Lilian Garcia with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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    Otis Talks WWE cash within the financial institution in shape, Mandy Rose Relationship, greater with B/R

    With Otis' WrestleMania moment behind him, the coveted funds within the bank briefcase just could be within his

    When searching at the box for the guys's money in the bank ladder healthy at WWE[1]'s namesake pay-per-view experience Sunday evening, it be complicated to bet on anyone but the uber-established Otis given the wave of momentum he is riding for the time being.

    From defeating former world champion Dolph Ziggler[2] at WrestleMania 36 to getting the girl in Mandy Rose that equal night, the ultimate few weeks have been a whirlwind for the blue-collar-strong celebrity. however, the gold standard can be yet to come if he can by hook or by crook reign supreme within the most unique cash in the bank bout of all-time.

    Otis qualified for the contest by beating Ziggler final week on SmackDown and is now headed to WWE Headquarters to compete for the opportunistic briefcase. whereas it may not be his first time stepping inside the area-admired constructing, he realizes the stakes can be much better when he heads back to Stamford, Connecticut, for cash in the financial institution—each actually and figuratively.

    "I don't know where we're beginning, if it be at the cafeteria—which might be remarkable—or if we're starting in the lobby enviornment to check-in before we birth getting down and getting soiled. we are able to go to Vince's office, we will go anyplace," Otis joked to B/R. "I simply don't know what is going on to ensue to me individually, however i will be able to guess it be going to be heritage-making, and just the idea of attending to the appropriate of that roof form of freaks me out a little bit as a result of i am now not a big heights man at all. My greatest issues are if the ladder will stay, and getting knocked off that ladder trying to get that briefcase, however it's a prize that will also be cashed in at any time for a world championship."

    In his rookie 12 months on SmackDown alone, Otis (alongside his Heavy machinery tag team partner Tucker) competed in Triple Threats, fatal four-approaches and even a Miracle on 34th street combat. however nothing will evaluate to what lies ahead for him at money within the bank.

    This totally predicted pay-per-view leading experience might be additional own for Otis because it will fall on each mom's Day and his mom's birthday weekend. As he is told Corey Graves on WWE's After the Bell podcast, he's highly shut with "ma" and would really like nothing more than to win the largest match of his profession on a weekend all about her.

    "I've obtained full assist from ma, she made that fruitcake for Mandy, she has the entire top of the line intentions, and she or he's been nervous right through this complete element with Dolph and Sonya. Now, my mother could be gazing from domestic with my father, and that i hope to make them tremendous proud and confidently, no rely what the influence is," he noted. "If we get it, we get it, it be going to be fully unbelievable, but if we do not get it, blue collar strong does not stop. We don't retain our heads down, we keep it up coming."

    Otis had spent a majority of his WWE career in the tag group ranks with Tucker. both continue to crew on occasion, but for now, his sights are absolutely set on taking advantage of the alternatives he is been afforded these days as a singles megastar.

    That isn't to say he does not have adventure competing on his own. Between his time in NXT and on SmackDown, he is had his fair share of 1-on-one wars with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Drew Gulak and former NXT champion Tommaso Ciampa, all of which helped prepare him for where he is now.

    "i would be a lying man if I informed you I failed to have my big brother for a motive, man," Otis pointed out about his tag partner. "He publications me round, he always knows the place to head, he at all times knows the approach. without Tucky there, some have known as me a free cannon because with my feelings being so high, I cannot manage them as good and that i want Tucky by way of my facet.

    "i'm involved for his or her protection for the funds in the financial institution in shape. For that transition, for those who're in there alone, that's an entire distinctive ballgame. in case you have your accomplice, he is to your nook, that you may tag him at any time, but this isn't about tagging here. it be one large fight, and those battles earlier than have been big getting to know experiences. I got here up brief with those, however as I stated before, or not it's nothing to dangle my hat on as a result of I wasn't raised that manner, I wasn't born that means. They may additionally have greater singles competitor adventure than I do, but they may understand they went through hell with me for certain."

    remaining month, Otis received something few in WWE do—a WrestleMania moment. He had been chasing Mandy for months, and following his tough-fought win over Ziggler, he changed into at last in a position to lock lips together with his longtime crush.

    There can be little doubt that the second would have gone over huge had it happened in front of a offered-out viewers in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, the long-established website of WrestleMania 36 before the coronavirus pandemic forced the demonstrate to be moved to an empty efficiency core. regardless of the less-than-top-quality situations, Otis cherished that victory kiss all of the equal and realizes that his time in front of rabid crowds will come once more.

    "It holds a really special area in my heart," he observed. "It turned into my very first WrestleMania in shape on the card because the year earlier than Tucky and i had been within the Andre the enormous combat Royal, and this is an incredible step from that. after I heard the gang at Royal Rumble after I saved Mandy from that first removing, that response was like jazz to my ears. If things had just carried on, if it wasn't for the pandemic, if we had a crowd full there in Tampa, you comprehend?

    "I nonetheless remember as if it was the previous day, my first time with the woman, with the kiss, good guys over the dangerous guys, 100 percent, but we simply pass over the fans. i will just imagine if we had just kissed in front of a live crowd what they might've notion of us. The guide's been fabulous, and yeah, man, the grass all the time grows and there's always an extra opportunity across the nook."

    fans had a good time when Otis and Mandy grew to become an reputable item popping out of the demonstrate of shows, and it wasn't lengthy after that they made their debut on WWE journey along on the WWE network. The duo could be seen traveling together on a horse and buggy on the end of the episode with a shirtless Otis sporting a tux and retaining a rose for his valuable "peach."

    When asked about even if he'll be arriving at WWE Headquarters in similar trend for his important funds in the bank Ladder healthy, Otis proven that he'll be enjoying it straight on Sunday evening and intends on saving the shenanigans for later on.

    "I felt very dangerous for that horse as a aspect notice there, that bad baby. He rode us around downtown. make sure you've considered the faces of people who do not comply with wrestling with my stomach out. to assert that was my exciting second with Mandy, because they may be just us like, 'What the hell? Who's that massive fats guy on the wagon?'

    "On a major notice, when it involves Sunday, it's likely going to be shakedown-city, it be going to be showtime, and to exhibit up in vogue, it is for other things. My mind's concentrated on [Money in the Bank]. i may likely simply show up concentrated down there, nothing flashy. Get out the motor vehicle, park it, throw the keys to the valet man, get in that constructing, put my apparatus on and get competent for a exhibit."

    Otis has on no account before come near clinching singles gold, let alone sniffing the main experience scene. Heavy machinery have contended for the SmackDown Tag team Championship and NXT Tag group Championship during the past however had been unsuccessful in each attempt to this point.

    As massive of a chance as he'll have at cash in the financial institution to smash in the course of the proverbial glass ceiling, he hasn't forgotten about his tag crew roots by any means. really, he admits that taking pictures the twin titles with "Tucky" would suggest more to him than becoming Mr. cash in the bank after every thing they've been via.

    "profitable a tag group championship in WWE [is more important] because we've got been so shut earlier than via NXT, through uncooked and SmackDown. we have now been so near simply getting opportunities making an attempt to get these tag crew titles and we simply fall brief," he referred to. "every time it happens, it hurts simply a bit bit extra, a little bit additional. It hurts our soul more actually because you a leave a little part of you out there. I put 100% effort obtainable to get these tag group titles and also you come up short.

    "in the event you question me to examine the briefcase to the tag crew titles, i am going to claim the tag team titles as a result of that's been my complete profession beside Tucky trying to get those tag group titles. We have not had them, but at this time, we're now not in the tag group photograph. The center of attention is on the funds within the financial institution briefcase, so as of at the moment, it's my focus: that money within the bank contract."

    With the correct individuals concerned and the attitude compelling enough, lengthy-term storytelling will also be a component of splendor in wrestling. it's precisely why the love saga between Otis and Mandy turned into as smartly-obtained via the loads because it changed into.

    the two have heritage as far back as their NXT days years in the past when Otis would holler "Mandy candy!" at her from afar and observe her everywhere she went. That working gag grew to become into the smartest thing going on SmackDown for many months.

    "We put a ton of work in with Dolph, Sonya and Mandy," Otis pointed out. "if you happen to work challenging and you play by means of the publication, you just hope the reward is what you predict, and it be been everything we have anticipated, and it's brilliant to work with a bunch of wonderful individuals. we'll proceed this storyline and notice where we will take it. We're just having too a lot enjoyable at the moment with it."

    Otis also printed that his nickname for Mandy become impressed with the aid of Chris Farley's Haru persona calling Nicollette Sheridan's Alison page "ninja" in Beverly Hills Ninja. near to the esteemed actor he has commonly compared to for his eccentric mannerisms, the Minnesota native broke down three of his different favorite Farley films when asked which one he would retain, increase and erase among Tommy Boy, Black Sheep and Billy Madison.

    "fully Black Sheep's my properly," he noted. "i might erase Billy Madison. No disrespect, however i would retain my Tommy Boy. So yeah, Black Sheep is my top movie. i really like Billy Madison, do not get me wrong, it is now not knocking it there, but if you gave me those choices, Tommy Boy and Black Sheep would truly be my appropriate two picks."

    despite even if he walks out of funds in the financial institution with the briefcase in his draw close, Otis nevertheless has his first date with Mandy to seem to be forward. as soon as the pandemic dies down and restaurants start the system of reopening, he already has the superb location in mind for the couple to dine at.

    "We're going to head to her dad's restaurant and that i'm going to fulfill the total Italian household," he talked about. "I actually have met the mother, the mom is in decent graces with me, but I feel the dad is a bit involved about me. So i go to fulfill the dad and have a nice, gentleman conversation collectively.

    "i go to are trying all of his meals because i love Italian food and that is the reason going to be the primary element we're going to do when this pandemic slows down and everyone's doing what they are looking to do once more and never stuck in their properties riding their loved ones crazy. We're really going to do that first at her dad's restaurant, and then after that, it's going to be a shock because the horse and buggy turned into a surprise."

    Otis' involvement in this kind of high-profile pay-per-view main adventure at money in the bank will get him one step nearer to the superstardom he has always been destined for. Victory for the tag crew expert is never guaranteed, however provided that Mandy Rose is through his side, or not it's well-nigh impossible for him to be considered a loser in any feel of the note.


    Graham Mirmina, aka Graham "GSM" Matthews, has really expert in activities and entertainment writing considering 2010. visit his web page, next period Wrestling[3], and "like" his professional facebook web page[4] to continue the dialog on all things wrestling.

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